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I was so downright giddy to be shooting a wedding inside the Boston University Castle because I’ve long admired it from the outside when going for runs on the Esplanade.  And let me tell you – it did not disappoint.  It was the absolute perfect location for a gorgeous, intimate affair. 

And to complete the perfect setting?  Lisa and Dan – stunning, thoughtful, loving & warm, dashing smiles & sparkling eyes …honestly – a photographer’s dream!!!  Congratulations Lisa & Dan!  I’m so happy that you two have found each other!

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Marielys & James’ Wedding Checklist:

Stunning bride? Check.

Super cool groom? Check.

Perfect summer sunset over the water? Check.

Touching ceremony filled with songs and love? Check.

Room on the dance floor?  That’s a negative.

Marielys and James live happily ever after? TOTALLY!

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Erin & Chris’ wedding this past weekend was full of those details and special moments that I adore.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am allllllll about the little things – especially when it comes to weddings.  I could name a most minute little detail of every single wedding I have attended – whether it was the wording in a program, choice of first dance song, the fabric of the wedding dress…something that resonated with me, that spoke to me about the couple.  In a day when so many things seem to be mass-produced, I really appreciate when couples take the time to make their wedding day “their own.”

And that is why I love being the second shooter for a wedding.  As the lead photographer handles the major shots and all of the coordination (in this case the rock star Jaimee of Jaimee Alden Photography), I get to do my “thing” and capture details and moments: The beauty of a venue that drew a couple to choose it as the setting for their special day…the moments of laughs, smiles, glances and holding hands…and all of the unscripted time in between…














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At this photo shoot last week the location was so crowded…and it was so hot…and it was so windy…and it was getting so late for the girls…but honestly – it was SO perfect. 

The session was a birthday present for Mom from Dad and the priority was lots of belly shots, some family photos of the four of them before the next bambino arrives and then a few of the girls.  I think we covered it all and then some! 

My kind of family shot:

Only about 10 days away from her due date and Kellie looks AMAZING!

And once Ella warmed up to me (and was promised ice cream!), she became quite the perfect little model –  adorable.  

So great to see all of you guys!  I can’t wait to hear the news on the next baby Walgreen!

And I know that I am really far behind in blogs and promise to catch up in the coming weeks but I wanted to get these up before Kellie’s due date…which is like….right now.  🙂  Thank you to all of my clients for being so patient!

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Yesterday I headed out to the Brimfield Antiques Show for one of my absolute favorite events of the year.  I tell ya, it is a good thing I live in a 700 square foot condo – otherwise I would be one of those who show up with a U-Haul truck to pile in all of items I fall in love with!  Someday when I have a studio it will be completely decked out with Brimfield goods.  I swear. I swear. I swear.

Every year I hit up the tent of a guy who sells mirrors, frames and shelves made out of antique barn wood and tin.  I love this stuff (Wendy=slightly obsessed).   It reminded me that I wanted to share the wall display I did in my own home with some of the frames and a mirror.   I absolutely love it when clients get creative with their photos and display them as art.  There are so many fun and funky ways to enjoy your photographs that fit with the aesthetic of you home.  Why just save them on your computer???  Be on the lookout for some client collections here soon! 

PS That is me, waving “HI!” to all of you!  And yes, I know that I need to put something on top of that wine cabinet to fill the space between it and the frames.  Don’t judge. 

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Now available – Eleanor Grace Photography gift certificates! These make for a wonderful surprise and can be used throughout the year!

All of the Dads out there could pick one of these up and totally become a hero for Mother’s Day (which is just around the corner!).  They are a great gift for moms-to-be, new parents, as a birthday present, for a recently engaged couple or the super busy family! Gift certificates may be applied to any type of session you would like – family, newborn, children, maternity, engagement & boudoir. Available in any dollar amount, they can be applied to a session fee or prints/albums/wall portraits, etc.

Contact me if interested!

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I love meeting new clients…especially when twins are involved!  Being a twin myself I have a serious affection for them.  I just think it is so great to have a “partner in crime” throughout life.  So. Much. Fun.

So meet Will and James – These two guys are the perfect compliment to each other.  While one is adventurous, the other is cautious….one brother is silly and the other brother is thoughtful…But even though they are not identical, they are both completely sweet, super happy and total cuties!

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…make my job as a photographer so easy!

Actually, Katie makes everything look easy.  Whether it is running daily on the Charles River,  doing killer Core Fusion classes, throwing fabulous parties, remodeling condos, refinishing furniture (check out her blog here: http://revivalfurniture.blogspot.com/), pulling together the perfect outfit, or looking amazing at 7 months pregnant – she just seems to always get it right without breaking a sweat.  But most of all, she makes being friends so easy.

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I am trying to organize my catalogue of photographs from the past year…metadata, tagging, collections, copyrights, backup…yada…yada…yada….

Anyhoo, I realized I never posted these from a few weeks ago.  On a  random Sunday evening in November I went for a run on the Esplanade and literally stopped in my tracks in absolute awe of a gorgeous pink sunset.  The color was so intense that even the reflection made the Dirty Water look hot pink too!  I was so mad that I didn’t have my camera with me – I whined to everyone who would listen, promised myself that from now on I will bring my camera with me EVERYWHERE, even on runs on the river (though I know  that is not at all practical…so maybe I should add a point and shoot to my holiday wish list).

So that week I made it my mission go back and catch some November sunset photos…and so I did..and the sunset was more yellow & orange than pink but just as pretty…and  it was a perfect crescent moon…and I played with long exposures…and had a blast for an hour, just me and my camera.

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I was bummed with the weather on Friday since it was my only window of opportunity to do a photo shoot in Boston of this cutie.  The rainy weather did not bother the little guy in the least though (as long as he could sport the hoodie) and he totally smiled his way through the quick snaps I tried to take outside… Seriously, it was as if he knew that if he just smiled and looked at the camera it would be over in a flash!

And what should you do for a photo shoot when it is raining?  Head to the Boston Children’s Museum, of course!   I had such a blast  – it took everything in my power not to join in the bubble blowing action!  Thanks to Laura & C for such a fun day!

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