Hannah handled her photo shoot with such poise, style and grace that for a minute there I forgot that she is not yet even 4 years old!  We had such a fun girls’ morning tromping all over Beacon Hill, having cupcakes for breakfast and going for a ride on the carousel.   I’m not sure who had more fun but I really, really think we should make this a weekly occurrence!   

Prior to our shoot Lauren mentioned that she and Ryan wanted romantic engagement photos of them out and about Boston because it is the city where they met, the city where they fell in love and the city where Ryan asked her to marry him.

We planned to meet in the Public Garden because what could more “Boston” than the Swan Boats and Cheers and the Back Bay skyline and the Garden itself (especially with the Ducklings in their Bruins attire!)?  Well, our plans were interrupted by VERY high winds and a “little” race known as the Corporate Challenge. And so we went to Plan B: protected Beacon Hill alleyways (and some areas beyond unlocked gates…shhh….), a roof deck and Faneuil Hall…and I have to say – we had a blast everywhere we went!

Soon they will be moving across the country to start the next exciting phase of their careers and lives together but for this one night in Boston, it was my mission to capture photos of them and for them…in Boston…where it truly all began for them.

And I know what you are thinking –  lots of smooching shots right?  Well because one or more photos from our session may be used for a save-the-date card I decided to keep many the “hey stop kissing for one second please and look at the lens and smile!” shots under wraps for now.  But I promise I also captured lots of smiling faces of this lovable couple!  

I LOVE your friends!

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Yesterday I headed out to the Brimfield Antiques Show for one of my absolute favorite events of the year.  I tell ya, it is a good thing I live in a 700 square foot condo – otherwise I would be one of those who show up with a U-Haul truck to pile in all of items I fall in love with!  Someday when I have a studio it will be completely decked out with Brimfield goods.  I swear. I swear. I swear.

Every year I hit up the tent of a guy who sells mirrors, frames and shelves made out of antique barn wood and tin.  I love this stuff (Wendy=slightly obsessed).   It reminded me that I wanted to share the wall display I did in my own home with some of the frames and a mirror.   I absolutely love it when clients get creative with their photos and display them as art.  There are so many fun and funky ways to enjoy your photographs that fit with the aesthetic of you home.  Why just save them on your computer???  Be on the lookout for some client collections here soon! 

PS That is me, waving “HI!” to all of you!  And yes, I know that I need to put something on top of that wine cabinet to fill the space between it and the frames.  Don’t judge. 

Between eating and sleeping and teething and crawling what 10 month old really has time for me to take pictures of them anyway?  And so it goes…During our session last month, after some super cute Superman and Pooh Bear shots, Locke decided that dinnertime was the priority (I can’t blame him – dinnertime is generally my priority too).  

I knew we didn’t get as many photos with Dad as we would have liked so we rescheduled another time to get more pictures.  And boy I am glad we did!  I think we chose the most beautiful day Mother Nature has given us this Spring and we were able to get lots of shots outside with Dad, with a Duckie hat and a few more with Mom too!  Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

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If you ever venture to Ecuador you need to make sure you leave room on your schedule and in your suitcase for a trip to Otavalo.  About a two-hour drive outside of Quito on the Pan American highway you will find this largely indigenous town known for woven textiles.  The market there has some of the most colorful fabrics you will ever see on display…and really anything else you can imagine carved, painted or crafted.

I was torn between walking around and just photographing the scenes and items or doing just an all-out “supermarket sweep” of the place.   I opted for more of the latter.  I’m not even a shopper and I loved it!  If you go, bring cash and be ready to bargain.  The possibilities of getting something sweet for yourself and gifts for everyone you know are really endless.  Want a hammock?  Here is the place to get it.  A poncho?  Why not get two?  Scarves for everyone I know?  You know it and YES to dozens of bracelets that could cover my entire left arm.  A painted turkey feather?  Just what I always wanted!

And if you do get to Otavalo someday, be sure to venture out to the villages where you can see up close how the indigenous people create their art and craft musical instruments.

Oh – and I promise this is last blog from Ecuador and I will get back to posting photos of happy babies and boudoir bombshells ASAP – Thanks for indulging me!



Newsflash: It is not all boats, beaches and boobies on the Galapagos Islands!

Well, maybe not news to you but it was to me.  These volcanic islands also offer incredible hiking trails and vistas high above sea level.  For an adventure on the island of Isabela we set out for a rewarding 11-mile hike of the Sierra Negra and Volcan Chico.   It took all day, resulted in some sore feet but…It.Was.Sooooooo.Worth.It.Period.

The trek started out looking lush and green like this:

And then offered a look at one of the world’s largest calderas:

And soon we were walking in lava fields and it felt like we were on another planet (or maybe the movie set of Planet of the Apes):

As my sister Krissy would say, “Pretty sweet, eh?”


The wildlife roaming the Galapagos Islands, most notably the high number of endemic species calling it home, may be the biggest draw for visitors.  Darwin’s theory of evolution was developed based on the creatures he observed here.  It truly is unbelievable.

I dunno, call me crazy (you wouldn’t be the first) but I found the archipelago of volcanic islands pretty stunning even when there was not a single boobie, iguana or tortoise in sight…

The first 24 hours I spent in Quito I didn’t seem to find much to get excited about.  Part of it, admittedly, was that in my mind Quito was the last thing standing between me and the Galapagos Islands (Hello?  The Galapagos?  Bucket List Anyone?).  And after a very long day of travel from NYC I wanted nothing more than to be blown away by this city in the Andes that was just a “stopping point” for me.  Instead I found myself getting frustrated by hotel snafus and graffiti.

But there isn’t anything that a hot shower and a good night of sleep can’t cure and the more time I spent in Quito the more I found myself falling for it.   The smell of peanuts cooking, the indigenous character apparent everywhere and its colonial charm…all wrapped up so nicely in a valley with views of volcanoes.   Sure, there are other cities in South America that demand more attention and time.  I am not sure what it was, though, but after a “cable car” (read: gondola) ride that afforded the most spectacular peek at the lights of Quito below, I was certainly a bit smitten.