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As I headed to the Cape for the Mulgrew family shoot I planned on an early dinner of a lobster roll and some QT with me (don’t judge) before meeting up with everyone.  Unfortunately the traffic gods weren’t with me that day – who knew that traffic on a Wednesday afternoon to the Cape could be so bad??? 

I cannot stand being late for anything.  I am the person who would rather show up 15 minutes early and sit in my car than to arrive tardy.  And so I was beyond frustrated sitting on Route 3 watching the perfect summer sun set off to my right.   I arrived nearly an hour late and a bit frazzled but the Mulgrews were great about it and it gave William and Emily more time to practice their perfect smiles. 

And so we made it to the beach just in time for perfect light…to go along with those perfect little smiles…  

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I swear that I have the nicest, happiest clients out there and the Braun family is no exception.  Do you ever meet people and feel like you already “know” them?  That was how I felt with the Brauns.  Instead of “Hi, I’m Wendy, nice to meet you” I felt more like “Hey, how’s it going?  It’s been too long!” was a more appropriate greeting.

It is so nice when people gather to slow down and enjoy time together and the Braun family vacation on the Cape (and their photo session) was all about that.   A perfect sunny day on a pretty beach with a wonderful family – the perfect way to kick off the summer (for them and me!)!  And yes, I said “kickoff.”  This session was in June!  Since then EGP has been all over the beaches of Mass for photo sessions so check back to the blog often to see more!

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