I was so downright giddy to be shooting a wedding inside the Boston University Castle because I’ve long admired it from the outside when going for runs on the Esplanade.  And let me tell you – it did not disappoint.  It was the absolute perfect location for a gorgeous, intimate affair. 

And to complete the perfect setting?  Lisa and Dan – stunning, thoughtful, loving & warm, dashing smiles & sparkling eyes …honestly – a photographer’s dream!!!  Congratulations Lisa & Dan!  I’m so happy that you two have found each other!

I love twins!  And I know what you are thinking – “Well of course you do, Wendy, because you are a twin yourself.”  Um, yeah, you’re point?  🙂

Anyway, back to these two cuties.  When I first met them last year for a holiday card shoot they were spirited and fun 3 year olds.  Fast forward to this summer and they are even MORE spirited and MORE fun 3.5+ year olds (those half years really do make a difference)!  All Mom wanted were some nice updated photos of her boys…for a few minutes there it seemed the boys had different ideas.  See below:

But I know how to play tag.  Not just any tag – FREEZE tag.  And here a little secret – I RULE at hide-and-go-seek.  But when all of those games fail, playing “let’s hide from MOM!” will always result in candid photos of two spirited and fun twin boys as they were when they were 3.5+ years old…The kind that Mom will look back on and smile.

Marielys & James’ Wedding Checklist:

Stunning bride? Check.

Super cool groom? Check.

Perfect summer sunset over the water? Check.

Touching ceremony filled with songs and love? Check.

Room on the dance floor?  That’s a negative.

Marielys and James live happily ever after? TOTALLY!

As I headed to the Cape for the Mulgrew family shoot I planned on an early dinner of a lobster roll and some QT with me (don’t judge) before meeting up with everyone.  Unfortunately the traffic gods weren’t with me that day – who knew that traffic on a Wednesday afternoon to the Cape could be so bad??? 

I cannot stand being late for anything.  I am the person who would rather show up 15 minutes early and sit in my car than to arrive tardy.  And so I was beyond frustrated sitting on Route 3 watching the perfect summer sun set off to my right.   I arrived nearly an hour late and a bit frazzled but the Mulgrews were great about it and it gave William and Emily more time to practice their perfect smiles. 

And so we made it to the beach just in time for perfect light…to go along with those perfect little smiles…  


Erin & Chris’ wedding this past weekend was full of those details and special moments that I adore.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am allllllll about the little things – especially when it comes to weddings.  I could name a most minute little detail of every single wedding I have attended – whether it was the wording in a program, choice of first dance song, the fabric of the wedding dress…something that resonated with me, that spoke to me about the couple.  In a day when so many things seem to be mass-produced, I really appreciate when couples take the time to make their wedding day “their own.”

And that is why I love being the second shooter for a wedding.  As the lead photographer handles the major shots and all of the coordination (in this case the rock star Jaimee of Jaimee Alden Photography), I get to do my “thing” and capture details and moments: The beauty of a venue that drew a couple to choose it as the setting for their special day…the moments of laughs, smiles, glances and holding hands…and all of the unscripted time in between…














I swear that I have the nicest, happiest clients out there and the Braun family is no exception.  Do you ever meet people and feel like you already “know” them?  That was how I felt with the Brauns.  Instead of “Hi, I’m Wendy, nice to meet you” I felt more like “Hey, how’s it going?  It’s been too long!” was a more appropriate greeting.

It is so nice when people gather to slow down and enjoy time together and the Braun family vacation on the Cape (and their photo session) was all about that.   A perfect sunny day on a pretty beach with a wonderful family – the perfect way to kick off the summer (for them and me!)!  And yes, I said “kickoff.”  This session was in June!  Since then EGP has been all over the beaches of Mass for photo sessions so check back to the blog often to see more!

One thing I love about a person is when no matter how much time passes you can always “pick up where you left off” as if you had just seen each other yesterday… and then catch up on all the happenings (read: gossip) in between.  And that was how it was when I met with Sara a month or so ago to talk about photographing her wedding.  We were so busy talking and laughing that her fiancé Andrew (who rocks by the way) had to basically pull the plug on us!

I am so excited to photograph their wedding next year because A) Sara and I share the same sense of humor so I think every aspect of working with her is going to be a blast, B) she and Andrew are just great (individually and together!) and C) between them they have three awesome kids who are non-stop fun. 

A few weeks ago we packed in a save-the-date, engagement and family session all in one down in Newport, RI where Sara & Andrew went on their 2nd date.  It was a perfect summer evening, the kids were all smiles, and no one got hurt…though it was a close call when Sara forgot she was wearing heels!

Looking so forward to the wedding!

I love dogs.  I grew up with dogs and cannot wait for the day when having a dog will fit into my life again.  I have always felt that a dog is a part of a family and when Lisa contacted me about photographing her family I was ecstatic!

Meet Penny, Hazel & Tally.  These furry creatures totally rocked.  It was one of those sessions where I was having so much fun I didn’t want it to end.  We chased, romped, pounced, cuddled, fetched, smiled…and then we chased, romped, pounced, cuddled, fetched and smiled some more!  You can tell that they are so well loved and cared for – a perfect little family!

At this photo shoot last week the location was so crowded…and it was so hot…and it was so windy…and it was getting so late for the girls…but honestly – it was SO perfect. 

The session was a birthday present for Mom from Dad and the priority was lots of belly shots, some family photos of the four of them before the next bambino arrives and then a few of the girls.  I think we covered it all and then some! 

My kind of family shot:

Only about 10 days away from her due date and Kellie looks AMAZING!

And once Ella warmed up to me (and was promised ice cream!), she became quite the perfect little model –  adorable.  

So great to see all of you guys!  I can’t wait to hear the news on the next baby Walgreen!

And I know that I am really far behind in blogs and promise to catch up in the coming weeks but I wanted to get these up before Kellie’s due date…which is like….right now.  🙂  Thank you to all of my clients for being so patient!

Kerri and Christine are best friends from their Babson College days and each is expecting her first child due just weeks apart.  When Kerri talked  with me about doing a joint maternity photo session with Christine I absolutely LOVED the idea.  As a twin, I appreciate the desire to share things and experience life together and believe the same goes with friendships.  When you are happy, excited, having fun, etc. you want to share it.  And as a photographer, I think it is just fantastic that they wanted to document it together too!

Someday I imagine their boys will look at these photos and say to each other “Hey look! We knew each other before we were born!”  Well, maybe they won’t say it out loud but I think they will be thinking that…when they go to college together….Babson College… 🙂 

Thank you, ladies, for inviting me to share and capture this special time in your lives.  It was a beautiful way to spend the evening.